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Download keygen for Battlefield 2: Project Reality 0.957

Genre: Action
Battlefield 2 - one of the best group of online games with support
for single player in the shooter genre with tactical and strategic
elements of role-playing game from Digital Illusions CE companies,
export published by Electronic Arts and released in late June 2005.
The game, while maintaining all the best elements of Battlefield 1942
and Vietnam war, put the player in today's most advanced, where
military clashes related to the system just war the most advanced
game, better armored vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and huge
stockpiles of small arms and explosives. The online battles on a
battlefield and can involve up to 64 players.
Project reality - an amendment of the game Battlefield 2. All the
parameters of the game, starting with the characteristics of weapons,
vehicles, sound and animation ends have been modified to achieve the
highest possible game actually. And it has turned out exceptionally
well! PR has often been the best mod of the year. The main difference
health and fire sensors, but the visit, with all the flags were
removed the tongue eggs, now at the beginning of the tag can only
appear on the database, then the commander can set up collection
points (Rallypoint), with two members of the team next to them, and
commander in chief can build the fuel and pillboxes (Firebase), which
serve as spawn, respawn time increased, increasing the power of the
weapon, its impact, add effects in contact with a bullet in your
character (at the eye, shell shock of the explosion near) the tank and
in the PR Bronicas its weight in gold - in the right hands they are a
formidable force (however, infantry, They also protested that), now in
the tank to ride two people: a driver and gunner, a significant
increase in technology repavna; shot here and hide much less than in
normal BF. You can continue very long because a lot of changes, and
they are waiting for you in Battlefield 2: Actual project.
In a client is:
1) The original Battlefield 2
2) patch v1.50 and v1.41 patch
3) the actual project v0.957
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2) Number of slots: 64
3) Modes: Conquest, revolt, skirmish
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1) CPU: Q9400 2.6 GHz
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