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Download keygen for DiskAnalyzer Pro 3.5

DISKANALYZER PRO helps you to find largest folders and files on your
hard drive. You will be able to view hard disk space consumption
report grouped by file size, file types, ownership, file date and
attributes. You can quickly drill down to folders consuming most of
your hard disk space. Find duplicate files and proliferated media
files (pictures, videos and music) from the hard disk drive.
Detailed disk space consumption reports
You will be able to manage and view disk space consumption with the
help of disk space usage reports grouped by file types, file size,
attributes, file date and file ownership. You can drill-down and see
exactly how files are consuming disk space on your computer.
Search for unwanted files with your own search criteria
DiskAnalyzer Pro allows you to specify your own search terms while
looking for unwanted files and folders consuming your disk space.
Find and delete junk and temporary files
Over a period of time, hard disk space becomes cluttered with
useless files (junk, temporary, internet files, zero size files etc.).
DiskAnalyzer Pro can find and delete such files and regain gigabytes
of hard disk space.