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Download keygen for OnlineTV

ONLINETV is an extremely versatile tool, hundreds of music-files can
automatically recorded and stored as MP3, OGG or WAV. Many radio
stations, e.g. Webcast Internetradios, send title informations.
onlineTV takes up this information and stores the songs automatically
as MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, ASF; if possible with the ID3-Tags! You record
many songs, how it continues now? onlineTV provides many additional
tools for you. All recorded files can be managed into the integrated
music library. Here you have the possibility of copying the files on
your music USB stick, iPod or Playstation Portable (PSP). Edit your
music files with the audio editor and remove failed transitions, add a
tracing and much more besides. You would like to burn a music CD? No
problem with the burning module. Burn your songs as music or data CD.
Of course completely legally and without any copy protection. You
would like to convert a song into another format, e.g. from MP3 in
OGG? No problem with the integrated audio converter. You have a
volume-limited access to the Internet? This is also no problem,
Traffic control supervises any data traffic, which is produced by
onlineTV. Like that you are protected against bad surprises and
expensive payments. onlineTV offers access to hundreds of newspapers,
music videos and much more. Use the music 2 go assistent to copy
music. The new version also supports TV cards, Videostream recording,
Firewire drives and many more. onlineTV - the multimedia experience.
- More than 1,000 Internet radio stations (with free upgrades
- Accepts up to 20 concurrent automatically records simultaneously
- Over 5200 online video channels
- Easy and friendly interface
- Ability to turn your computer into a TV station!