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Download keygen for Flight Simulator:2004- A Century of Flight

As the name suggests, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of
Flight, is that years version of the popular simulator from Microsoft
and celebrates 100 years of flight. Flight Simulator 2004 includes 9
historical aircraft such as the Wright Flyer from 1903, DC-3, Vickers
Vimy, Curtiss Jenny and the Ryan NVP Spirit of St. Louis? that you can
pilot and new challenges centered around the historical aircraft. It
includes a new help system called Learning Center and an improved ATC,
and a new dynamic weather system. The GPS systems in Flight Simulator
2004 have been completely overhaulled and are now based on real world
Garmin 500/295 GPS systems.
Adjust flight controls, time radios and operate aircraft systems in
interactive 3d virtual cockpits that put you in the piolots seat; fly
through dynamic, automatically updated, real-world weather systems or
create custom weather challenges that put your skills to the test,
experience the challenges the original pilots faced as you reenact
significant events in aviation history.
System Requirements
* Microsoft Windows 98/Me/XP/2000
* PC with 450 MHz equivalent or higher processor
* 128 MB of system RAM for 2000/XP, 64 MB RAM for 98/Me
* 1.8 GB available hard disk space
* 4x speed or faster CD-ROM drive
* 8 MB video card required
* Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
* Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device