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Download keygen for Acronis Backup andamp; Recovery 11.0.17217

AcronisBackup & Recovery 11 builds on the success Acronis Backup
&Recovery 10, whereby the possibility of corporate level have
beenavailable to small businesses at an affordable price in an easy to
Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 continues to expand itsbackup and
restore physical, virtual and cloud environments. Below is asummary of
new features and product improvements.
Simplified installation
With the new installer to the installation procedure is simpler and
Ease of use
In the revised user interface, the product can be easier, faster and
more intuitive to perform any operations.
Additional features of replication and backup
Abilityto backup to multiple repositories (possibly remote), which
providesgreater reliability. The ability to automatically move or copy
thebackup to remote storage or cheap. The ability to assign time
windows toavoid replication to copy or move during working hours.
Presentation of the Data for data warehousing
Select data from the repository or through a review of archives and
backups (View Archive), or data backups (View Data).
Notification of alerts
Thenew notification system for both local and centralized
management. Thechoice of alerts that you want to receive. Setting up
e-mailnotifications about different types of alerts.
Support for UEFI / GPT
Full support for UEFI-based systems and GPT-ROM drive. Recovery
systems based on the BIOS to UEFI-based systems and vice versa.
Media support to the sectors of 4KB
Whenyou restore a drive or volume automatically eliminates
improperalignment of volumes - a situation that occurs when the
cluster volumesare not aligned on the disk sectors.
Aligning the partition (volume)
Foroptimum performance, solid-state drives (SSD) requires a
specialalignment tool. Required alignment is done automatically
duringrecovery, but you can make changes manually.
Automatic drive mapping and volume
When you restore a drive or volume automatically and optimally maps
the selected volumes or disks to target disks.
Support for hardware vendors Snapshot
Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) hardware providers can use to
retrieve snapshots.
The use Acronis Universal Restore without restore
With bootable media can use Acronis Universal Restore the operating
system without performing recovery.
Support for LVM volumes under Linux
The structure of the LVM is stored in the backup and can be
Acronis Universal Restore for Linux
Recovery Linux systems on different hardware.
Exports and imports of backup plans
Ability to export backup plans in XML-file and import them to
another machine.
Deploy backup plans in the form of files
Ability to export backup plans from one machine and deploy them as
XML-file on several machines.
Disaster Recovery Plan
Theprogram can prepare a disaster recovery plan and send it by
e-mailimmediately after the backup. The plan includes steps for
Converting a backup copy of the full
Incremental or differential backup can be converted to the full.
New command line
Provides automation of backup and recovery. Includes remote control.
Automatic check for updates
The management console will automatically check for updates each
time, and provides notification when a new version.
Directory data and search
Withcentralized data directory, you can easily find the version of
the datain centralized repositories managed and select it for
Flexible choice of items for backup
Youcan choose different data elements on each machine included in
thecentralized backup plan. You can also select entire machine or
group ofmachines, use patterns and environment variables.
Improved deduplication
Deduplicationperformance improved: in 2.5-5 times faster. The backup
files are nowdeduplicating at the block level, which greatly speeds up
thededuplication at the destination.
Improved support for tape backup
Independencefrom the Removable Storage Manager Windows. Manage tape
media directlyfrom the user interface of the product. Improved support
for tapelibraries. Ability to use more than one tape device parallel
Permits for the storage
User accounts, you can assign rights to users and administrators of
centrally managed storage.
Built-in Remote Installation
The management server can install agents in parallel on several
Integrated license management
The management server processes the license itself. Install a
separate server license is required.