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Download keygen for RealVNC Viewer Plus 1.2.1

A premium version of VNC VIEWER, including support for the 2010
Intel� Core� vPro� Processor Family.
PCs with the 2010 INTEL� CORE� VPRO� PROCESSOR Family enjoy
the benefit of a VNC Server embedded directly onto the chip, providing
remote access capability and manageability functions. A RealVNC
collaboration with Intel's ground-breaking hardware has produced VNC
Viewer Plus, capable of connecting to the remote computer out-of-band.
VNC VIEWER PLUS will also connect to VNC Enterprise Edition, VNC
Personal Edition and VNC Free Edition servers running in-band. The
benefits from the additional functionality of connecting to a VNC
Server in-band include file transfer, remote printing, chat and more.
Protocol-compliant third party VNC projects may also accept an
incoming connection from VNC Viewer Plus.