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Download keygen for Webcam Zone Trigger Pro 2.504

Webcam Zone Trigger is a security tool that allows you protect your
Zone Trigger is a security-oriented motion detection software that
sets itself appart from other motion detection systems because it uses
Hot Spots to detect movement in specific zones of the image instead of
looking for any movement, anywhere.
It was designed with the following purposes in mind: Security,
monitoring and house automation. Upon detecting motion, Zone Trigger
can perform many things, such as taking pictures, capturing video,
sending images on the internet, executing processes, and more.
� Play sound (.wav files).
� Capture an image (.bmp files).
� Capture video (.avi files).
� Send pictures to an FTP server on the Internet.
� E-mail pictures to any address.
� Run a file (anything: .exe, .jpg, MP3...).
� Count sequentially.
� Trigger a mouse left click.
� Send a HotKey.
� Mute the Windows master volume.
� Display a "Toast" Pop-Up alert.
� Webcam Zone Trigger can also...
� Keep a detailed log file - see General settings.
� Take pictures automatically at a given interval (for example
every 10 minutes) - see General settings.
� Start automatically when your computer is turned on - see
General settings.
� Broadcast live video over the internet to any web browser- see
Internet settings .
� Run in the background, without disturbing you and your other
applications - see Choose an operating mode.