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Download keygen for Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

Once every thousand years a mysterious eclipse shrouds the ancient
pyramid of Saqqarah. Only members of the secret order know that the
sunlight which escapes the land of the mortals is needed deep below
the sands – in the long forgotten resting place of ancient legends.
With help of Khufu – the Magical Monkey from the Underground
Oasis, solve over 500 challenging puzzles to uncover an ancient
mystery. Visit seven magnificent temples and help gods in restoring
their lost power. Never get bored with 7 different styles of match-3
puzzles and 3 difficulty levels in this innovative and fun game!
• 7 different game modes!
• Over 500 levels!
• Help Khufu in his quest to restore the power of Egypt
SaqPacks are expansion packages for Ancient Quest of Saqqarah that
provide an additional set of over 500 levels along with new music,
graphics and titles to get. Basically, it's like playing a sequel of
Saqqarah, without paying a full game price for it.