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Download keygen for Home Multimedia Library 2.1.2

�Media Library can store all kinds of information about created
artists, albums and files. You can keep artist pictures, biography,
discography, lyrics and much other information. In addition to
organizing files you can store them in the database as well. Photo
Albums lets you create albums of your digital pictures. You can
organize pictures into albums with categories, view and edit pictures.
In addition to organizing pictures you can store them in the database
as well. Another library is a Playlists Database where you can store
and play playlists files. The software has built-in four multimedia
players and also includes Playback Statistic, Internet Radio, CDDB
Database and File Searcher. All major audio, video and playlist files
are supported. You can create list of your favorite media files or
Internet stations and use the software as your multimedia player. It
has built-in File Browser that lets you easily manage files on your
computer and add files to your libraries.