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In DiRT 3 will be a lot of modern and classic cars (among which the
Lilliputians and an old Morris Cooper), a dynamically-changing
weather, range from snow blizzards and rainstorms to most of these,
and a bunch of new locations so seats for the races for fun and just
showing off. Total planned order of 100 tracks, offering a ride on the
roads of Norway, Monte Carlo, and even Africa. List of game modes
include both standard "career" in the course of which we are composed
of close-knit racing team to rise to fame, and a bunch of
entertainment events - Transporter, Goldrush, Outbreak and Cat 'n'
Mouse, everything is already written in DiRT 3. Other details - the
number of real names among the sponsors of DiRT 3 will be times,
details of the machines will be pleasing to the eye, and take a ride
on the road will also allow the buggy and multi-ton trucks.
The grand fleet. The game features the famous rally cars the last
few decades of the twentieth century, which will impress any fan of
Virtuoso steering. The new regime "Dzhimhana" allow everyone to show
their skills in specially equipped areas, performing all sorts of
dizzying avtotryuki - Drift, ski jumping, "police U-turns."
And in the rain and snow. Riders can test themselves by taking part
in competitions under difficult weather conditions, as well as at
night. Around the World. Athletes have to overcome a lot of
challenging tracks rally championships in Europe, Africa, the
United States. Split screen. In the first in the history of the
series, players can compete in split screen mode.
On public display. For those who yearn for world-wide fame, provides
the ability to record videos with the most successful and spectacular
races and publish them on YouTube, without leaving the game.
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor with a clock
frequency of 2.8 GHz;
2 GB of RAM;
Video card Nvidia GeForce 8000 Series or ATI Radeon HD 2000 256 MB;
15 GB free hard disk space.
Processor Intel Core i7;
3 GB of RAM;
Video AMD Radeon HD 6000 series;
Support for DirectX 11-second versions.