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Download keygen for Grass Valley EDIUS version 6.02.2011

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Vista (SP2 or later,
32-bit or 64-bit), XP (SP3 or later, 32-bit)
CPU: Any Intel Core 2 or Core iX CPU. Intel or AMD single core CPU
with a 3 GHz processor speed or faster (multiple CPUs and / or
multi-core CPUs are recommended). SSE2 and SSE3 instruction set
Memory: 1 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
Hard Disk:
- 6 GB of hard disk space is required for installation (including
third-party software)
- Drive with ATA100 / 7,200 RPM or faster is necessary for video
Graphics Card: A graphics card supporting higher resolution than
1024x768 (32-bit), Direct3D 9.0c or later, and PixelShader Model 3.0
or later is required
- For SD editing: 256 MB or larger required, 512 MB or larger
- For HD editing: 512 MB or larger required, 1 GB or larger
Sound Card: A sound card with WDM driver support is required
DVD-ROM Drive: Blu-ray Disc writer, DVD-R/RW or DVD + R / RW drive
is required when creating Blu-ray Discs or DVDs
Note: External video decks / cameras may require either a free
FireWire (IEEE 1394) port or USB 2.0 port for connectivity.