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Download keygen for Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server

data from corrupted databases in the MS SQL Server format (files with
the *.mdf extension). It allows you to save critical data and avoid
losing it. Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server extracts data step by step.
This tool can search for and single out housekeeping data that can
be used to repair some data modules.
All information that can be extracted by Recovery Toolbox for SQL
Server is previewed on the screen: System Tables and User Tables,
Stored Procedures, Views, User Defined Data Types and Functions. You
can preview all these objects anytime and make sure that Recovery
Toolbox for SQL Server works fine.
After that you should select how to save the recovered data (you can
save it to the hard drive or any other removable media as a package of
SQL scripts, it is also possible to export the results directly to any
database you choose), configure the process and start data export.