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Download keygen for DrDepth 4.0.10

THE DRDEPTH SOFTWARE combines data from your sounder and your GPS to
create accurate maps of your local waters. You can create map data and
maps for your GPS or even bring a laptop or a Pocket PC onboard to get
instantly updated maps of what's beneath your boat!
DrDepth is a software application that runs on either a PC
(Vista/XP/2000/NT4/ME/98 etc) or a Pocket PC (Pocket PC/Windows Mobile
2003 or later). DrDepth creates bathymetric maps from position and
depth data delivered by your GPS and sounder. DrDepth can be used for
mapping both on and off the water.
4.0.10 (110510)
- New full screen mode adapted for touch screens.
- Waypoint creation/opening in 3D.
- 'Halo' on live data.
- New functions for background maps.