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Topsolid is CAD / CAM / CAE and PDM integrated parametric system of
high-level, covering the entire process of designing and manufacturing
throughout the enterprise. In TopSolid included recent advances in
information technology. This system with superior ergonomic design
allows you to quickly and efficiently implement your ideas, embodying
the most daring and revolutionary design solutions. With the help of
TopSolid you can create: CAD models and drawings of parts and
assemblies, to conduct kinematic and finite element method (FEM)
analysis, design, molds, dies, electrodes, working with sheet
materials, having the opportunity to get the sweep and implement
TopSolid 2011: Integrated CAD/CAM At Its Best ? TopSolid 2011 has
been designed to specifically provide solutions for our customers
needs. This new 2011 release offers new features for design and
manufacturing in mechanical engineering, tool making and wood