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Enter Altium-s Next Generation Component Management System - the
framework you need to manage components at the engineering level, in
the design, and across the design and release domains. It extends
existing models of storing and managing ECAD component data to capture
the engineering and business intelligence now needed to make real
sense of the component management challenges engineers and designers
face each and every day. This new system includes...
A new component model to capture the intelligence behind part
Altium Designer 10 introduces a new, higher level model of the
component object, separating the engineering part from the
manufacturer or vendor parts. It's through a series of "Part Choices"
that the engineering component can be mapped to one or even multiple
manufacturer or vendor parts. Making it possible to now truly capture
the concept of parts equivalents and leverage the engineering
intelligence behind the decisions experienced engineers make every
A powerful new where-used system to track components across any
design or release document
Altium Designer 10's new Vault system finally brings together
component information and library data, with the designs and releases
that use those components. This powerful new system makes it possible
to track where any component might be used across any design.
Powerful Revision and Lifecycle management capability to the level
of components and individual component models
Altium Designer 10 provides complete revision and lifecycle
management capabilities, extending this all the way down to the
component and even individual component models. With AD10 you can
finally build your parts revisioning and approval processes directly
into your design environment.
A new system for the live linking of component to the supply chain
Altium Designer 10's new live supplier-linking system maintains
real-time links to your supply chain and provides real time updates to
pricing and availability information as changes occur at any stage
along the way.