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Download keygen for eComStation Version 2.0

The distinctive features of the new version is to install and boot
from the file system JFS (optionally available to choose from HPFS),
as well as multiprocessor support, which is especially important for
modern multi-core computers. In addition, many components of the
updated operating system, added support for today's drivers.
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Additional information
Kernel: IBM OS / 2 Warp 14.104, MCP2/fixpak 5
ACPI-subsystem: 2008/12
Desktop: eWorkPlace 1.08
Available version of the system: English
Place an infrastructure upgrade:
1. ACPI - change the internal structure of the operating system: a
system to control equipment via ACPI-interface. Thus, eComStation uses
possibilities of modern ACPI-PC.
2. EVFS - in the OS included a universal file system eComStation
Virtual File System.
3. UniClip - improved support for Unicode: buffer exchange now
supports unicode.
4. Standard Cairo - support for modern applications using a modern
vector graphics library.
5. Standard SDL - application developers can now use SDL for video
6. GCC runtime - The system includes the runtime to run programs
compiled compiler GCC.
Install OS:
1. Improved setup of the operating system, the ability to install
from USB CD-ROM.
2. Bootable JFS - updated bootable JFS. JFS Overview
3. Automatically checks the hard drive ready to install eComStation.
4. Added utility resize FAT32 and NTFS-volume (useful for laptop
users to move the volume from Windows and make room for eComStation).