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Download keygen for A O.M Factory A O.M Wave Shredder VST 1.3.2

A.O.M. Wave Shredder was bone to inject madness to your track. Wave
Shredder is a collection of destructive processors: Rate Reducer,
Zero-time Gate, Waveform Cut&Fold, Chopper and Bit Crusher.
Rate Reducer is a zero-order hold rate reducer. Zero-time Gate makes
input signal to zero immediately when the signal level falls the
threshold. Zero-time Chopper plays the inverse of Gate. Cut&Fold
section truncates under zero signal to zero, and in fold mode, the
section put inverse truncated signal instead of truncation. Bit
Crusher reduces signal's resolution.
Sound destroying suite
Zero-order hold rate reducer
Zero-time Gate
Zero-time Chopper w/auto-gain
Waveform Cut&fold
Bit crusher [0.0-24.0 bits]
Supports from 44.1kHz to 192kHz sample rate
Supports up to 64bit floating-point I/O
64bit floating-point internal resolution
Latency Compensation (If DAW supports)
Compatible 32-bit VST interface on 32/64-bit Windows
Compatible 32-bit Audio Unit interface on Mac OS X (new in 1.3.1)