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Download keygen for Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece

_Genre: Historic Real-Time Strategy_
The ancient Greeks crafted for themselves a world like no other, a
world where each city had its own unique � and often fantastic �
culture. From the Spartans, a culture built on a foundation of
slavery, a culture that � with no need to earn a living � had
dedicated themselves to the ideals of physical perfection, and
ironically espoused the virtues of freedom; to the Athenians, a nation
of unparalleled art and architecture � the likes of which, even
today, remain unmatched in originality and richness � a nation whose
constitution afforded democratic power to even the lowest class of
citizen; the stories of Greek civilization must have sounded like myth
and legend to an outsider.
It was in this environment that the concept of hegemony was born:
the idea that one city-state could assert cultural dominance over the
entire Greek world.
Despite the eternal struggle for dominance between Athens and
Sparta, neither of these giants would forge a lasting hegemony. It was
a goal that would remain unfulfilled until Philip of Macedon, king of
the relatively unknown nation of Macedonia, revolutionized Greek
warfare and conquered the entire Hellenic world, permitting his heir,
Alexander the Great, to take the unified army of the Greeks and build
an empire so vast that even Julius Caesar was said to be visibly
intimidated by the stories of this incredible achievement.
This is the world of ancient Greece. A world of feuding city-states,
of heroism and deceit, and of legendary leaders. A world whose
monumental legacy would leave our own world forever changed. This is
the world of Hegemony.
� Experience every facet of war: Campaign across a continuous
satellite-accurate map of ancient Greece encountering the full range
of warfare from reconnaissance to raids to field battles to mountain
� Innovative supply system: Siege and starve the enemy by cutting
their supply lines or burning their crops, all the while building and
protecting your own supply network to support your growing empire. Now
you can even upgrade supply lines to help you get more food where you
need it.
� Steeped in history: In-game pedia and 200+ historical objectives
recreate the rise of the Macedonian empire and two new campaigns where
you play as Athens and Sparta in the Peloponnesian War.
� Intuitive and precise controls: Drag, rotate, resize and snap
together unit formations to precisely control battlefield tactics in
paused- or real-time. Preview all movement paths before you issue your
orders and quickly plot waypoints for easy flanking and pincer
� Zoom seamlessly: Transition smoothly between the detailed 3D
world and the stylized board-game map while maintaining complete
control over your empire.
� Subjugate your enemy: Chase down and capture routed enemy units
to create slave gangs to work your mines or build your forts. But
don't leave them unguarded or they could rebel and wreak havoc in your
empire's heartland!
� Conquer the seas: Build a fleet of triremes to protect your
coastlines, raid enemy merchants, or drop an army at your enemy's
� Dynamic diplomacy system: Make truces and alliances between
factions in the brand new diplomacy system.
� Sandbox mode: Conquer the ancient Greek world as any of the 26
factions ranging from the island of Crete to the mighty Persian
� Deeper tactics: Expanded tactical system puts added focus on
flanking, charging, and camping, taking battlefield strategy to a
whole new level, and an improved population system emphasizes the
significance of each battle.
- More special units from the campaigns added to the sandbox.
- New portraits for these units.
- Fixed crash when selecting Arcadian faction in sandbox.
- Fixed rare crash that happened sometimes when issuing a capture
command to catapults.
- Fixed rare bug that caused too much garrison damage when a city
was resieged.
- Units with new portraits: (text in [square brackets] indicates the
campaign they can be found in, and text in (parentheses) indicates the
faction and city they can be found in in the sandbox; most of these
weren't previously available in the sandbox)
* Hypaspists [Philip] (Macedonia, Pella)
* Nicias [Archidamian] (Athenian Empire, Abderra)
* Amorges' Mercenaries [Ionian] (Persian Empire, Miletus)
* Sacred Band [Philip] (Boetian League, Thebes)
* Amphictyonic Brigade [Philip] (Phocian League, Amphissa)
* Agrianians [Philip] (Paeonians, Agrianes)
* Sitacles' Cavalry [Archidamian] (Central Odryssians, Sithones)
* Sitacles' Peltasts [Archidamian] (Central Odryssians, Sithones)
* Idomeneus [N/A] (Crete, Knosos)
- Bug fix: When clicking on a quest pillar, the quest log should
scroll to the quest in question.
- Bug fix: When typing something very long in an input box, the
input box should scroll.
- Bug fix: The factions in the sandbox campaign are now sorted
- Bug fix: The AI was controlling a few units in the sandbox that it
shouldn't have.
- ships no longer drop their cargo when sunk in rough water
- cargo dropped at sea now fades away the same as land cargo
- removed footstep sounds when ships are moving
- merchants ships are now cached when in rough water so that they
take damage properly
- added idle sounds for merchant ships
- switched ship fire sound from campfire to building fire
- added a couple checks to minimize alert sounds during the
� Windows XP/Vista/7
� DirectX 9c
� 2.4 GHz
� 1 GB RAM