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About cadwork informatik AG
In 1980, the CSEM started a research team at the Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne (Switzerland) with the goal
to development the CAD system cadwork. Upon completion of the KWF
research project in 1988, the former EPFL team founded cadwork
informatique SA with its headquarters in Basel (Switzerland) and a
development center in Lausanne (Switzerland).
In 1992 Cadwork started a second development center, the cadwork
Software GmbH in Hildesheim (Germany). This development center is now
responsible for all aspects of timber construction. Since 1988 a total
of 18 branches and sales offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria,
France, Spain, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Canada were
founded. CADWork develops and distributes the cadwork 3D-CAD/CAM
system. The software is designed for professional use in all fields of
timber construction as well as building in general. All members of our
development and marketing team are professionals from the construction
About CADWork
CADWork includes all solutions, from architecture through all
sectors of the wood construction, interior decoration and furniture.
Its versatility also enables us to meet the needs of other building
types such as concrete, steel, metal and others.
Adapted to each field of activity, cadwork offers tailored solutions
consisting of different modules. Most packages are made available to
the modules, 2D and 3D, lists and automatic shop drawings. The Basic
cadwork timberpack mentioned above already includes all the features
necessary to complete 100% of any building including complex 3D
editing, manufacturing plans, and parts listing.