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Download keygen for Bentley AutoPLANT P and ID V8i

Bentley AutoPLANT P&ID is an AutoCAD-based program that lets you
create intelligent piping and instrument diagrams, process flow
diagrams and other Piping Schematics.
Bentley is the global leader dedicated to providing architects,
engineers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive
software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Founded in 1984,
Bentley has nearly 3,000 colleagues in more than 45 countries, $500
million in annual revenues, and, since 1999, has invested more than $1
billion in research, development, and acquisitions.
About Bentley AutoPLANT P&ID V8i
Using AutoCAD with an external relational database environment,
Bentley's AutoPLANT P&ID creates intelligent plant schematics. With
it, engineers can learn more about their plant design in a fraction of
the time required to study hundreds of layout drawings or 3D models.
This cost-efficient application reduces the design and documentation
time for capturing process information for system design and plant
studies (such as HAZOP studies), ensuring compliance to OSHA 1910 and
ISO standards. Through its scaleable design, AutoPLANT P&ID is
suitable for large, midsized and small engineering companies and plant
operators, providing a key tool for the lifecycle design and
documentation of process plants.
Enhancements made to the Bentley Process & Instrumentation Workgroup
V8i (SELECTseries 3) include:
- AutoCAD 2010 (64-bit) and AutoCAD 2011 (64-bit) support
- Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) support
- Encryption of SQL Server Authentication Credentials
- Microsoft Office 2010 support
- Bentley ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 2) and (SELECTseries 3)
- Bentley View V8i (SELECTseries 2) support
- MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 2) support
- 1D i-models published to iRING
- Data Manager and I&W reports Published to ProjectWise