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Download keygen for Articulate Studio 09 SP 8.0

What?s the big idea behind rapid e-learning?
In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations must be
able to empower anyone with expert knowledge to quickly and
effectively produce employee training and other critical learning
This requires tools that not only create exceptional e-learning
content, but that are easy to use, too. At Articulate, we provide the
software tools that make rapid e-learning work.
Even non-technical users will create professional, interactive
e-learning courses easily, quickly, and affordably. That's because we
know e-learning ? and we listen to our extensive and active community.
Your workflow will be streamlined and intuitive because every tool has
been designed from the ground up by e-learning experts.
All tools in Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio '09 work together
seamlessly. Insert selected quiz slides into your course. Set options
for how participants navigate based on their assessment results. Use
the Articulate Video Encoder '09 to import any video and convert it to
Flash. And since the Studio Professional suite also includes
Articulate Engage '09, you'll easily add stunning interactive content.
Best e-learning products in one grea package:
Easily add stunning interactive content to your e-learning courses.
Effortlessly craft Flash-based quizzes, assessments and surveys.
Easily convert your videos into the popular Flash video format.
Quickly create Flash-based presentations and e-learning courses from
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