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Download keygen for Infragistics NetAdvantage for ASP NET jQuery Windows Forms WPF WPF Data Visualization 2011

Infragistics NetAdvantage for ASP.NET/jQuery/Windows Forms/WPF/WPF
Data Visualization 2011 Vol 1
NETADVANTAGE� FOR JQUERY is our first ever suite of lightweight,
high performance jQuery controls (as well as controls for ASP.NET
MVC). You receive standards-compliant controls with a rich feature set
that includes streaming online video playback and AJAX file upload �
plus the fastest jQuery grid control anywhere! Build data-intensive
client-side applications with our jQuery grid control and jQuery data
source that leverage jQuery Template Support and full DOM
virtualization to achieve their blazing speed. Offer users Office 2010
integration to add value to jQuery Web applications running with .NET
by using our Microsoft Word�, Microsoft Excel� and PDF/XPS
assemblies to create and work with Word documents (in .docx file
format), Excel spreadsheets (in ExcelML .xlsm / .xlst / .xlsx and
BIFF8 .xlm / .xlt / .xls file formats) and Adobe� PDF/Microsoft
eXtensible Paper Specification documents.
NetAdvantage for jQuery will help you create awesome Web site
experiences in browsers across platforms and on devices backed by any
server data endpoint � without the need for any plug-ins or
extensions. And it's exactly what you need if you're using jQuery and
javascript to build applications targeting Web browsers.
Windows Forms Controls - We handle the user interface, so you can
focus on your business logic. Designed with the user experience and
performance in mind, Infragistics Windows Forms controls comprise the
most complete set of continually enhanced, Windows� 7 Multi-Touch,
default gesture-aware and .NET user interface elements available. We
empower you to create the most compelling user interfaces using
Microsoft� Visual Studio� 2010 with .NET 4 Client Profile support.
NETADVANTAGE� FOR WINDOWS FORMS provides the "style-ability" you
need for your forms and dialogs with our drop-in component. It also
offers the breadth and depth of Office 2010 and Windows 7 user
experiences with our scenic ribbon control. A new Microsoft Word�
Library features an object model for creating new Word documents, and
new ribbon end user customizations let your application's end users
customize tabs, groups and items. An IG Theme style library gives you
a complete visual makeover for your applications. We include appealing
visual indicators, and a compelling "look and feel" for your controls
and components, e.g., hover, default, disabled and provides the
quality and performance you can rely on in creating groundbreaking,
innovative experiences�for all your Office-centric applications.
Built on our Unified XAML Product Strategy (a shared API across WPF
and Silverlight that will help you go-to-market with lightning speed),
we deliver what you need for Microsoft Office� 2010 styling,
scheduling, file support, and more!
Elevate your user's application experience with our state-of-the-art
grid functionality. Our WPF data grid empowers your WPF applications
with high performance to handle real-time scenarios and massive
amounts of data.
As we continue to build the kind of Office interoperability that
enables you to increasingly integrate with your organization's many
Office touch points, we continuously keep your end user's experience
in mind. We've included enhanced WPF scheduling controls to enable you
to design the kind of visual fidelity into your applications that
surpasses Microsoft Outlook� 2010. Go above and beyond simple
appointment tracking with new capabilities like the Exchange Data
Connector, Date Navigator, Outlook Calendar View and more.
Additionally, our new Data Presenter Word Writer enables you to export
the Data Presenter to a Microsoft Word� Document.
This release also offers a new Calendar control that mimics the
Windows� 7 system calendar, a new Drag high speed charting with
analytics; dashboard gauges; interactive geospatial UIs; barcodes;
network nodes; treemaps and much more. Our toolset also offers a drag
and drop framework and UI automation for helping you build automated
UI test scripts.
We make the UI styling of our XAML-centric design elements versatile
and easy to use--with built-in support for animation, data and control
templates and our visual state manager. Our unified XAML product
strategy offers shared APIs across WPF and Silverlight. So, when
migrating your WPF data visualizations to Silverlight, you can easily
move your code to the new platform and have all of the same rich
functionality your end users expect.
This WPF data visualization toolset supports high performance
charting with powerful analytics for over 38 charts, including: Bubble
Charts, Polar Scattered, Radial Area, Pie Charts, Org charts, and many
more. We also offer fully-featured dashboard gauges; geospatial
mapping, barcodes; network nodes; and much more. Don't forget our OLAP
Pivot Grid for WPF, with compact collapsibility, filters and summaries
for your OLAP data. In addition to our controls, we include a drag and
drop framework and UI automation for helping you build automated UI
test scripts.
Get Insight into BI as it changes with our Infragistics Motion
Framework�. You can show "the story of your data", as it changes
over time. This immersive and animated user experience will empower
your end user's decision making by providing an insight into predicted
future changes. NetAdvantage for WPF Data Visualization stands at the
vanguard of XAML control convergence. You will be thrilled with this
toolset and your users will be impressed by the new possibilities you
can deliver.