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Download keygen for Operation: Steel Tide

Six weeks out to sea, the R.M.S. Triumphant and the rest of her
patrol convoy were attacked by a destroyer fleet. Now, lost in
uncharted waters, the crew is faced with the task of trying to make it
through enemy territory alone.
Take the helm of the R.M.S. Triumphant, the highly modified T-class
submarine, armed to the teeth with devastating torpedoes, blistering
anti-aircraft and a powerful deck gun. Skim the surface at periscope
depth, dive deep to avoid depth charges, and emerge to do battle with
shore gun emplacements and enemy ships. It's full, in-your-face,
arcade-style battles as players quickly bring all their weapons to
bear in fast-paced naval engagements. With its simple pick-up-and-play
controls, outstanding 3D graphics and multiplayer capabilities, Steel
Tide captures all the excitement of submarine warfare!
1. Burn or mount.
2. Install the game.
3. Enjoy!