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Download keygen for SlickEdit 2011.

SlickEdit supports a huge number of languages, including such
popular languages �€‹�€‹such as ActionScript, PHP, C / C +
+ / C #, HTML, DB2, Python, Ruby, VBScript, Visual Basic, Assembler,
Pascal, Perl, Java, javascript, XML, XMLDOC, SQL , Verilog, VHDL and
numerous others. In total, SlickEdit lets you work with more than 40
languages �€‹�€‹on 7 platforms. The program contains all
the basic functions needed for writing and editing code: syntax
highlighting, gathering information on all the used functions and
classes, navigate code, find the ad features search on all included
files, and much, much more.
Added support for Git, there x64 versions for different platforms.
Ext. Information
(32-bit) in the folder SlickEditV16.0.0 win under the name vs.exe
Year: 2011
Developer: SlickEdit Inc.
Platform: win x64 x86
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Language: English
Tablet: Is present