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Download keygen for Symantec Endpoint Protection/Small Business Edition 12.1.601.4699

Symantec Endpoint Protection includes ready intensive technologies
that automatically analyze application behaviors and network
connections to detect and block suspicious activities, as well as
administration capabilities that allow certain actions to ban devices
and applications that are considered extremely dangerous for the
organization. Certain actions can be blocked even by the location of
the user. In addition, protected from even the most complex, elusive
to traditional means of security attacks, such as a rootkit, exploit
zero day and changing spyware.
Key benefits of Symantec Endpoint Protection
Comprehensive Protection integrating the best technologies to
prevent security threats from even the most remote of new and unknown
attackers before they reach your network. Detecting and blocking
malicious software including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware,
adware, and rootkits in real time.
Proactive protection a new module, Proactive Threat Scan Proactive
Threat Scan uses a unique Symantec technology to assess right and
wrong actions of unknown applications, which improves detection and
reduces the number of false positives without the need to create a
configuration based on the rules.
Best in the industry to identify threats Symantecs protection
mechanisms develop industry leading network of Global Intelligence
Network to provide an unprecedented opportunity to view all Internet
threats. Due to this identification is created protection, leading to
action, and confidence is achieved in curbing the changing threats.
Single agent, single console combines the full range of security
technologies in a single agent and a centralized management console
with intuitive user interface, as well as the means to create
graphical reports from a Web interface. These components allow us to
establish and strengthen security policies at the enterprise to
protect critical assets. With their help, simplified management,
reduced use of system resources, while adding support for Symantec
Network Access Control that requires no additional agents. After
acquiring a license functions Symantec Network Access Control are
automatically included on the agent and management console.
Ease of deployment since it requires only one agent and one
management console, and the work is carried out with existing
investments in IT and the organization security, Symantec Endpoint
Protection solution delivers ease of implementation and deployment.
For organizations that need to bring in performers for safety control
and management, Symantec provides a service Managed Security Services,
which provides protection in real time.
Low cost of ownership Symantec Endpoint Protection solution delivers
a lower cost of ownership by reducing administrative costs and costs
associated with managing multiple endpoint security products. This
unified approach to endpoint security simplifies administration and
provides operational efficiencies due to single software updates and
policy, a unified and centralized performance reporting, as well as
the use of common software licensing and maintenance.
Easy to install, configure and manage Symantec Endpoint Protection
solution makes it easy to enable / disable and configure the necessary
technology in accordance with your environment.
Support for Symantec Network Access Control each endpoint receives
support Symantec Network Access Control, which eliminates the need to
deploy additional software agent endpoints for network access control.
Improving the effectiveness of existing security technologies and IT
investments the opportunity to work with other leading vendors of
antivirus software, firewalls, IPS technologies and infrastructures
for network access control. In addition, given the opportunity to work
with leading software development tools patch management and security
The main features of Symantec Endpoint Protection
Protection against viruses and spyware providing unmatched, the best
protection against malicious software, including the leading anti
virus protection, improved protection against spyware protection
against new threats such as rootkits, use less memory and new dynamic
performance tuning to maintain performance users.
Protecting against online threats exposes the module based firewall
rules as well as module Generic Exploit Blocking (GEB), which blocks
malicious programs before they enter the system.
Proactive threat protection protection from unknown threats (ie
threats, such as exploit zero day). Module includes Proactive Threat
Scan Proactive Threat Scan, which is not based on signatures.
A single agent and single management console provides management of
protection against viruses and spyware, firewall, desktop computer,
technology, IPS, device and network access (with purchase of a license
Symantec Network Access Control) on a single agent. In this case, all
control is carried out from a single console.
Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition provides
excellent in class technology to protect end systems:
Combines the leading security technologies (anti virus, anti
spyware, firewall, workstation, Intrusion Prevention System) in a
single agent for total and preventive protection against known and
emerging threats.
Comes with recommended Symantec default settings, requiring no
additional configuration and enable to get started right away after