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Download keygen for Collection of Plugins for Photoshop

- Collection of plugins Digital Anarchy (5 pl.)
- Collection of plugins Alien Skin (8 pl.)
- Plug-ins Digital Film Tools (5 pl.)
- Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 10 (7 pl.)
- Plugins Frischluft FlAIR.v1.22 for Photoshop
- PhotoWiz Plugins Suite (6 pl.)
- Curvemeister v3.2.0 Retail for Adobe Photoshop
- Depth Of Field Generator PRO v3.0.73 for Adobe Photoshop
- Knoll Light Factory v3.1 for Adobe Photoshop
- PixelGenius PhotoKit Color v2.1.4
- Power Retouche Retouching Suite v7.6.3 Retail.
A brief description of some plug-ins
Digital Film Tools Digital Film Lab v2.5
Digital Film Tools helps you to create your own lab directly in
Adobe Photoshop and work in the digital material in the same way as
when a photographer working with film.
Digital Film Tools Power Mask v1.0
Plug-Ins for Photoshop Digital Film Tools Power Mask is designed to
separate the object from the background. All that is required from the
user, to define the contour of the object in the photograph, which
must be separated from the background, then the program will do it
automatically. The program copes even with such complex elements, such
as hair, smoke, and reflection.
Digital Film Tools EZ Mask v1.5
Plug-in for Photoshop-Digital Film Tools EZ Mask - it's easy to use
online tool for masking, removing or isolating an object in an image.
With the help of EZ Mask, you can isolate almost any object, even if
you are dealing with fine hair detail, smoke, or reflections. This
extraction process creates what is called the "mask" - black and white
Digital Film Tools 55mm v7.5.5
Company Digital Film Tools has released the next version of its
package of additional filters 55mm. This set of plug-ins designed
primarily for photo editing (although there is also a version for
video editors) and is intended to replace all the facilities enjoyed
by photographers in an era of film - lenses, optical filters, etc. The
new version added twelve new 55mm filters, as well as improved tools
familiar to users of the package earlier. Among the new filter to
create the effect of old photographs, pencil drawings, dual fog, the
effect of X-rays.
Frischluft FlAIR Plugin
Flair - an unusually interesting set of eight plug-ins. Thanks to
them, you can create stunning effects on the mind, to achieve the
basic tools that Photoshop is almost impossible!
Knoll Light Factory - a plugin for creating high-quality lighting
effects in Adobe Photoshop.
Such effects can be used for creating logos, text effects, to
improve your photos, etc. The program includes in its arsenal presets
set of lighting effects for all occasions.
Pixel Genius PhotoKit Color - plug-in offers a wide range of
effects, including split-toning and cross processing. The kit also
includes the possibility of strengthening and adjusting the individual
color images - you can make skin tones less red or lighter.
Alien Skin Blow Up 2
High-quality image resizing, better than bicubic interpolation.
Plug-in, if you change image size, retains a clear edge and smooth
lines, and creates a fourfold increase without the appearance of step
artifacts and luminescence.
Alien Skin Bokeh new plug-in for Photoshop, designed to draw
attention to a particular object in the photo. With this supplement
you can add effects to the image depth of field, make a stand, or
emphasize the main object of other available means. Feature of the
plug-in that it closely mimics the effect of blurring, which can be
obtained using these lenses. Bokeh - a focus on the main site photos.
BW Styler v1.05
One of the most unusual programs and plug-in for converting color
digital images into a kind of black and white photography. Includes: a
set of color filters, an imitation of tonal response, characteristic
of ortho-, iso-, pan-, superhromaticheskih materials and infrared
film, as well - the famous "brand" films.
Color Washer v2.05
ColorWasher program and a plugin for correcting colors, contrast and
picture defects. ColorWasher raises the correction of photos to a new
level of accuracy and speed.
Contrast Master v1.05
ContrastMaster is a plug and a separate program for effective
contrast enhancement as well as to create a sharp contrast,
photo-realistic paintings in the HDR.
Focal Blade v2.01
Focal Blade - standalone and plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and
Lightroom, are intended to sharpen images and to apply special
filters, is inextricably linked to its change.
Light Machine v1.05
Most professional to date software / plugin, which provides all
kinds of lighting correction. Won the title "Editor's Choice" in the
relevant papers, tests, nearly all photo magazines.
Magic Bullet Colorista II
Colorista II brings the power of high-quality color systems,
high-level directly to your desktop. Get the revolutionary new system
for professional color correction in your favorite editing
Magic Bullet Denoiser 1.0
Magic Bullet Denoiser does it all - easy to use tool that gives you
great results without fuss. Traditional noise removal techniques may
erase the fine details, but accurate motion estimation algorithm
Denoiser guarantee great looking way guarantees the video.
Magic Bullet Frames 1.1
Take interlaced video and get a view of the 24 points the film,
right from within your editor - at high speed and high quality. Now
Adobe CS5/64 fully compatible.
Magic Bullet Grinder 1.0.2
Convert your videos to the DSLR / HDSLR, favorable to edit file
formats, add the timecode, and make power Web-resolution, all in a
single (individual), time-saving pass.
Magic Bullet Instant HD 1.2
High quality conversion from SD video to HD within your favorite
video application. Easy management Instant HD make a snap to convert
standard definition clips to sharp, clear HD with outstanding results.
Now Adobe CS5/64 fully compatible.
Magic Bullet Looks 1.4
Now you can define the style of your video or film with powerful
tools for mapping. Choose from 100 + Look presets, to help set the
mood for everything from weddings to read the original Sundance.
Magic Bullet Mojo 1.2
Spell adds a kind of Hollywood blockbuster movies to your footage
with one click, making the popularity of skin tones, adding drama and
a sleek contrast to any attempt.
Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.5
Identify the mood and lighting of your photos quickly and easily
with the powerful new tools for display, inspired by your camera. Use
PhotoLooks directly into Photoshop or as a standalone application.
Choose from 100 + defined views, or create your own. Now Available for
Lightroom, Aperture.
Curvemeister v3.2.0 Retail
More experienced users can enjoy the new opportunities that
Curvemeister adds to the curves, including multiple color space,
support for HSB, dynamic histogram and other features. The
documentation and support Curvemeister guarantees the use of curves
with high efficiency, allowing the images look as good.
� Windows XP / Vista / 7 (x32/x64 bit)
� Adobe Photoshop CS3 - CS5
Full support for Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite is for Adobe Photoshop, into Adobe
After Effects, Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro.
Year: 2011
Platform: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7