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Download keygen for Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper

_Genre: Action (Slasher) / 3D / 3rd Person_
In the past, the Chinese Han Empire was a powerful country.
Brilliant generals crushing worst enemies, and the emperors were
famous for wisdom and wealth. But it took four hundred years, and at
the site of a great state, there are three young nation. The country
plunged into a bitter civil war. Best warriors met in a fierce battle
for power and might, but only one dynasty will prevail! One of the
best console projects Dynasty Warriors 4 is now available and users of
personal computers. This version of the game is different optimized
graphics and a truly magnificent embodiment of every detail of a
large-scale battles. Hundreds of soldiers and dozens of key characters
come together in a fierce battle on the battlefield. Use a variety of
fighting styles and techniques of one of the great generals and hack
our way through hordes of enemies. Trip heroes, equip them with the
most lethal weapons will win and head a new dynasty!
"Especially for the PC - advanced, optimized graphics
"More than 40 characters, unique techniques and fighting styles
"Twice as many troops on the screen, the enemies are smarter than an
order of magnitude
"Elephants, battering rams, flamethrower tanks - each battle is
"A unique publication - subtitles in Russian and a choice between
the original Japanese and English sound system
v Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP
v Processor: Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or equivalent Athlon
v Memory: 256 MB
v Video: 64 MB compatible with DirectX 9.0c (GeForce4 Ti4200 or
Radeon 9000)
v Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
v Free space on hard drive: 3 GB