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Download keygen for The First TemplarIn search of the Holy Grail The First Templar DLC and quot;The Arena Save 2011

20 large medieval locations, including Jerusalem, Cyprus, Ibelin.
Coydites in a fierce battle with various weapons, using combo
attacks and joint command of attack
Play as any of the two main characters and switch to another when
you want.
Found a partner? He will be able to join you at any time.
Character development system, RPG: Each character has unique skills
that are pumped as it passes.
A busy schedule with the change of day and night by dramatic
orchestral music.
DLC The Arena:
Bonus mission "Arena":
Caught infamous Byzantine, you need to survive danger Arena. Fight
for your life and plan an escape. Choose who will stand beside you in
confronting Byzantine and his cronies.
Features RePack'a:
- Do not cut / no recoded
- Complete Russian version and a full English Veria
- Any combination of voice acting and text (RUS / ENG)
- There is a DLC "The Arena" + Save