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Download keygen for Dirt 3 -Steam Preload

��� * Be a Pro - Dirt 3 puts players in the racing boots of a
professional motorsports athlete. The beaten up RV of Dirt 2 is a
thing of the past as gamers compete against stars including Ken Block
and Kris Meeke across a range of racing and driving disciplines at
spectacular locations across the world.
��� * More, More, More - Dirt 3 boasts more cars, more
locations, more routes and more events than any other game in the Dirt
series. There are now 100+ routes in the game compared to Dirt 2's 41.
Dirt 3 offers the finest selection of licensed action-sports racing
cars available and the largest line up to feature in any Codemasters
racing game, including cars that represent 5 decades of rallying from
classics like the Mini Cooper and Audi Quattro to Ken Block's rally
spec Ford Fiesta.
��� * Rally is Back - After consulting fan-feedback, reviews
and performing exhaustive data mining, the standout event from Dirt 2,
Rally, returns with more than double the amount of content. Multistage
rallies are set at classic locations from the traditional rally
heartland of Scandinavia to the jungles of Kenya and the forests of
Europe and the USA, taking players to the most dramatic, inhospitable
and exciting terrain on the planet where only the most fearless
drivers race.
��� * Express Yourself with Gymkhana - The 15 million-plus
YouTube phenomenon pioneered by Ken Block now powerslides into to Dirt
3. Gamers can test their car control to the very limit and drift,
spin-dry and jump their way to stardom in all new Gymkhana events. Set
in specially created arenas packed with props, players can practice
their skills, chain together moves, complete challenges or hang out
online with friends in this spectacular video game first.
��� * Let It Snow - For the first time in the Dirt series,
players will enjoy the unique and exhilarating spectacle of racing on
snow. A highly advanced particle and physics model powers snow that
builds up on the track, wheel tread and the car as it falls more
heavily throughout the race. As players drive they will feel the
change in the handling as the snow compacts at different rates
depending on your speed, angle and cornering. This best-in-class
feature delivers truly jaw-dropping visual and performance effects.
System requirements:
- Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor with a clock
frequency of 2.8 GHz;
- 2 GB of RAM;
- Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce 8000 Series or ATI Radeon HD 2000 256
- 15 GB of free hard disk space.
- Processor Intel Core i7;
- 3 GB RAM;
- Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 6000 series;
- Support for DirectX 11-second versions.
YEAR: 2011
GENRE: Sports / Racing (Cars) / 3D
DEVELOPER: Codemasters
PUBLISHER: Codemasters
PUBLICATION TYPE: License (Steam Preload)
LANGUAGE: LANGUAGE: English, German, Spanish, ... (Multi6)
SIZE: 11.58 Gb