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Download keygen for Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2011

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2011 Suite Advanced Recovery CD based on WinPE iSO

TEAM rG | 270MB

Hard Disk Manager Suite provides you with all of the tools you need to manage today*s hard drives, including partitioning, backup & restore, migration, optimization & defragmentation, hard drive disposal, boot management and system recovery. Save your time and money with this comprehensive package of functionality is accessible from one easy-to-use interface.

New features

This isn't the most revolutionary of updates for Hard Disk Manager; it's not so much about taking a giant leap forward, as a few gentle steps. Still, if you take the time to explore the menus then you'll find there are plenty of worthwhile improvements.

A new "Migrate OS to SSD" option will help you move your Windows installation from a standard hard drive to a faster SSD, for instance. Your SSD is too small? No problem: the "Migrate OS to SSD" wizard allows you to select folders that won't be transferred -- your downloads, pictures, videos, whatever you like -- hopefully freeing up enough space to make the migration possible.

The "P2P Adjust OS Wizard" now does a better job of preparing a drive taken from one PC, for installation on another. So for instance it will locate and install more of the drivers you need, giving the system a better chance of booting normally.

There's a new option to convert regular MBR drives to the GPT standard, offering many benefits (the maximum partition size rises from 2 terabytes to 18 exabytes, and the partition table is duplicated for extra reliability). You do need to treat this with care, though, as GPT drives won't be bootable unless you have 64-bit Windows and an EFI-based PC, which isn't fully explained within the program.

Perhaps more generally useful are the File System Integrity and Data Loss Protection settings. If you're looking for safety then these let you enable technologies that will protect your data, even if your PC loses power during a partitioning process. If your PC has a UPS then you can turn these off for maximum performance. Or you can use a setting somewhere between the two: it's your call.