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Download keygen for Pinnacle Instant CD DVD Suite 8.3

Pinnacle Instant CD / DVD 8.3 is a complete solution for Pinnacle market optical data storage. Program Instant CD / DVD allows you to create CD and DVD, as well as to put pictures and videos on the discs. Part of the package of Instant Copy allows exact copies of DVD and CD. As for DVD, the user can copy a 1:1 or reduce the data size to the size of the disc - a process called transcoding. The latter mode is especially useful if you try to move the 9 GB dual-layer DVD at 4.7 GB DVD-R. Of course, this always happens the loss of information, but by taking into account the original macro-quantization and the current motion vector (vehicle perekvantizatsii perception), the quality can be maintained at. According to the manufacturer, the transcoding process takes less time compared to competing products. However, it does not support CSS-encoded discs.

The complete program includes: - Instant Backup - Backup Data;

- Instant Drive - to create the image of your hard drive;

- Instant Disc - for recording and mastering CD and DVD discs of any format;

- Instant Copy - copying and transcoding DVD and CD;

- Instant Music - for editing music tracks;

- Pinnacle Expression - an application for authoring DVD.

Developer: Pinnacle Systems

Language: English / Russian

Version: 8.3

System: Win98, WinME, Win2000, Windows XP