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I want to introduce you to my modest collection of applications to Adobe Photoshop.

Contents: * Brushes

* Fonts

* Renders

* PSD Cuts

* Pictures

* Patterns

* Custom Shapes

* Gradients

* Actions

* Styles

* Plugins

* Tutorials

- The Hottest & Best Photoshop Brushes [Super-Pack 200 MB]

A compilation and collection of brushes gathereded around the internet over the past couple of years. All these brushes are pure quality.

- Huge Pack of Photoshop Brushes [Mega-Pack 300 MB]

- 8Nero Photoshop Brushes

Collection of brushes from an GFX artist, some very good ones in here.

- Some of NEW brushes and 15 Brushe set by IHEA.

-The Best and Most Expensive Fonts (Total Value 10000 dollar of Commercial Fonts)

-Personal Fonts (Selection of Commercial & some non-Commercial ones)

-Top 2006 Commercial Fonts

-Top 100 Handwriting Fonts (Expensive Commercial Fonts)

-Exclusive Hallmark Fonts (Commercial fonts)

-Coniglio Collection Fonts (Commercial fonts)

-Alphabetic Fonts (Commercial fonts)

-Arabic Font Pack

-Christmas Font Pack

-Farsi Font Pack

-Fire-Ice Font Pack

-Foreign Look Font Pack

-Handwriting Font Pack

-Lovely Font Pack

-Pixel Font Pack

-Sports Font Pack

Collection of RENDERS (great quality)

PSD Cuts (great quality)

Celebrity Pictures Mega Pack (Very high quality)

Stock Photos


Digital Art Pictures

NASA Pictures (Very Very Very high quality)

IstockPhoto Vector Images

Disney Image Collection

An awesome collection of Disney images.

-900 Printable Black & White Kids Color Ins

-251 Hi Res Wallpapers

-154 48x48 Icons

All the classics like Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pooh, Dalmatians, Monsters Inc, Bambi, Nemo, Jungle Book and everything else you can think of.

Photoshop Patterns (The Best)

Photoshop Custom Shapes(The Best)

Photoshop Gradients (Best gradients you can find)

Collection of the best gradients out there, I absolutely love these the quality is very high. Very useful beautiful gradients.

Photoshop Actions (The Best)

Photoshop Styles (The Best)

Vertus Fluid Mask 2.0.3 Photoshop Plugin

The #1 Rated Cut-Out Plugin

Fluid Mask is a highly advanced software tool designed to make life easier for everyone who creates cut outs. Built as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, Fluid Mask is the new next-generation cut-out tool. Behind the product is breakthrough technology that mimics the way the eye, optic-nerve and brain perform visual processing. It offers an intuitive, accurate and fast approach to cut outs.

A key feature is the new Edge Overlay showing object edges within an image. Suddenly masking become a whole lot easier - it's now possible to select, group and mask objects in images to make great cut outs.

Kodak Digital Gem Airbrush Pro Photoshop Plugin

The DIGITAL GEM Airbrush Professional Plug-In, for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and compatible programs, automatically smoothes skin and other surfaces of digital images without softening or blurring important details like eyelashes, eyebrows, or hair. Supports 16-bit color images.

Mystical Lighting Photoshop Plugin

Mystical Lighting lets anyone apply photo-realistic lighting and shading effects to digital images. With this software you can enhance the ambiance of your images and improve its beauty. Mystical Lighting includes 16 visual effects, over 400 presets for instant results and an infinite variety of looks.

Mystical Lighting also includes powerful features such as layers, unlimited undos, visual presets, masking and dynamic effect controls that make exploring and applying effects very fun and easy to achieve studio quality results.

Velvia Vision 1.1 Photoshop Plugin

Velvia Vision for Adobe Photoshop

From the creation of the popular Digital Velvia (DV) action, Velvia Vision* has evolved. It is a new Photoshop plug-in

designed to enhance color and tone in your photographs. It provides a 200% range of error-free color intensity as well as smart algorithms to increase contrast, create moods and expand tonal range. With this new tool, photographers can preview settings and tweak intensity results for maximum control over their work. Another feature unique to this plugin, is that you can save and load your own Velvia Vision profiles

Kodak Digital SHO Pro Photoshop Plugin

The DIGITAL SHO Plug-In, for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and compatible programs, automatically reveals image details hidden in shadow areas with the professional version also revealing details from highlights and supporting 16-bit. Great for fixing common exposure problems caused by backlit subjects, uneven flash illumination and partial shade.

Kodak Digital ROC Pro Photoshop Plugin

The DIGITAL ROC Plug-Ins, for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and compatible programs, automatically correct, restore, and balance the color of digital images. The professional version adds the ability to control image contrast and brightness in addition to color, and it supports the use of 16 bit color images.

Kodak Digital GEM Pro Photoshop Plugin

The DIGITAL GEM Plug-Ins, for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and compatible programs, automatically reduces and manages noise and grain in digital images without causing excessive softening or blurring. The professional version adds a powerful new grain/noise reducing algorithm, a "Noise Preview" screen, 16-bit support, and more.

LucisArt 2.0.4 Photoshop Plugin

LucisArt Adobe* Photoshop* plug-in provides complete creative control of digital images and provides amazing access to image content. You've never seen effects like these.

LucisArt enhances the smallest detail in bright and shadowed areas simultaneously.

PhotoTune SkinTune 1.0 Photoshop Plugin

The #1 skin color program

To use SkinTune, alI you do is open an image in Photoshop, and select PhotoTune SkinTune from the Filter menu. After two clicks of the mouse, SkinTune instantly finds the nearest acceptable skin color from the selected library, and automatically corrects your image. After SkinTune does its magic, you are free to use SkinTune's tools to adjust hue, brightness, contrast, and saturation. All your adjustments will stay within the boundaries of the library to insure perfect, lifelike results.

Panopticum Lens Pro 3.0 Photoshop Plugin

Panopticum Lens Pro 3.0 is a new plug-in module for Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editors supporting the same standard.

It helps user in creation of various lenses, crystals and glass surfaces. This module is a set of numerous effects for making glass objects and patterns of them. Every glass object of the set contains many adjustable parameters. The glass objects from the set contain high quality and fast drawing mechanism, which makes the obtained lens effects look spectacular and realistic.

TwistingPixels PixelCreation Bundle v1.25 - Photoshop Plugin

PixelCreation is an impressive suite of visual effect filters. These sensational filters are designed to allow the user to

create fluffy clouds, spectacular constellations, and celestial skies. Drop in a moon add a soft glow and some twinkling

stars with easy to use tools that will allow precise placement of each visual in the areas you want them. With a few simple controls the user can easily add variation to enhance each effect to his desired shape or size. Presets are also available for a quick start; use them as they are or adjust them to create your own unique custom look. This package also includes enhancement filters which will take your effect project to the next level. PixelCreation includes a stand-alone application as well as a plug-in that works with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint