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Download keygen for PGP CommandLine 10.1

PGP Command Line

provides a new set of software tools for organizations that need to encrypt large amounts of batch information or secure backup processes. It enables users to insert PGP encryption and digital-signing functionality into existing automation scripts to ensure information is transmitted, stored, or backed up using strong PGP encryption.

PGP Command Line meets enterprise security requirements by supporting platforms throughout the business: * PGP Command Line for Servers: PGP Command Line supports a broad set of Windows and UNIX operating systems. more*

* PGP Command Line for Mainframes: PGP Command Line runs on IBM iSeries and zSeries hardware platforms, supporting IBM operating systems along with Red Hat and SUSE Linux. more*

PGP Command Line is designed for financial groups, health care organizations, retail, and other enterprises that back up consumer data or regularly move large amounts of sensitive information between data centers. It is based on the same proven, trusted, and supported PGP technology and core crypto as other PGP products.

All PGP Command Line products support patented PGP Additional Decryption Key (ADK) capability. Use of an ADK has proven to be a widely adopted practice to ensure an organization has access to all its proprietary information, according to corporate policy and regulatory requirements, even if employee keys are lost or become unavailable.

Features: * Command line based scriptable encryption which operates on 35 different platforms from laptops to servers to mainframes.

* Integrates with most existing scripting tools such as Shell Scripts, Perl, and Windows batch files.

* Over 300 encryption operations available; encrypt, decrypt, wipe, self-decrypting archive creation and more.

* Can allocate and manage keys as well as interact with keyservers to support uploading and downloading of keys from keyservers plus searching for keys over LDAP.