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Download keygen for The Enigma Protector 2.33.20110112

The Enigma Protector

is powerful tool that was designed for complex protection of program modules. Program modules include following types of objects: * Windows 32 and 64 bits Portable Executable files (*.exe);

* Windows Screen saver files (*.scr);

* Dynamic Link Libraries (*.dll);

* ActiveX control files (*.ocx);

* .NET executables (*.exe).

When we say "protection" we mean realization of two major ideas. First one is integration of "try before you buy" conception support system into the program module. Second one is protection of machine code of program module from analysis and cracking. As can be seen, the protection is realized in different, but nevertheless greatly interrelated aspects, which are protection of developer economic interests and technical protection of the program product.

What's new: * Minor GUI improvements

* Added better GUI unicode support

* Bug fixed verifying ansi registration keys

* Added additional unicode support for some features

* Many minor GUI improvements

* Bug fixed porotecting files with uncompressable data (files with a low entropy)

* Bug fixed with SSL option in Mailer

* Added Windows User Name hardware lock

* Added Files Entry Point virtualization

* Added quite modes for console versions

* Added keygen64.dll for x64 keys generators

* Improved hooking of Windows API

* Improved compression routine

* Minor GUI improvements

* Improved virtualization of some exception handlers of Delphi applications

* Improved keys verification routine regarding processing of illegal symbols in the key

* Bug fixed processing particular VM markers