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Download keygen for SOHO Notes 9.0.1

SOHO Notes

is the premier digital note-taking application for your Mac. Use it to capture, organize, sync, and share all of your stuff including text notes, PDF's, images, voice recordings, videos, forms, and web archives.

Why is SOHO Notes the leading note manager for Mac? Here's 56 reasons.

Open multiple databases at once to organize notes

Automatic backups that can be customized for peace of mind

Powerful typography: rulers, kerning, ligatures, tab stops, etc.

Import rich txt, Microsoft Word, HTML, Apple Stickies and more

Print online receipts and more directly to SOHO Notes

iPhoto and clip art browser for dragging photos into a note

Unicode 4.0 support makes using any language a snap

Email notes to colleagues using most popular email clients

Lookup passwords for websites that you've previously visited

Save web receipts for online purchases with ease

Hear your notes read aloud so you can work while you listen

Easily record audio notes to capture lectures, reminders, etc.

Synchronize your iPhone or iPod touch wirelessly over Wi-Fi

Record video notes using your computer's iSight camera

Capture photo notes using your computer's iSight camera

Cover Flow view for visually browsing your notes

Icon view for quickly viewing previews of each note

Integrated web browser for in-note research

Grab entire web pages with text, graphics, and links

Built on a rock-solid database engine

Embed tasks inside of notes. Tasks optionally sync with iCal

Attach unlimited tasks to notes. Tasks optionally sync with iCal

The Details sidebar makes it easy to view tags, comments, etc.

Attaching unlimited notes and contacts to a note is even easier

Open favorite notes using using hot keys or DockNote

Printing options for headers, footers, & note concatenation

Import tab delimited and CSV data directly into Forms

Add comments to notes such as thoughts, reminders, etc.

Safeguard your private notes with AES 256-bit encryption

Scan documents directly into your database

Smart Folders automatically organize notes

Design your own custom Forms for your data

Easily make text all upper-case, lower-case, capitalize

Quickly track notes by flagging them

Assign tags to notes then search by tag

Use your own graphics for folder icons

Assign color-coded labels (work, travel, etc.) to notes

View and edit notes in fullscreen mode to minimize distractions

Organize notes into folders and sub-folders

Super-fast searching of text notes, PDF's, web archives, etc.

Auto-substitue smart quotes, dashes, links, data detectors

Daily journal entries are automatically titled and dated

Attach contacts from Address Book to your notes

Tabbed note viewing so you can keep multiple notes open

Use DockNote to quickly capture and paste your notes

Works with Spotlight for system-wide note searches

Archive live web content to preserve important research

QuickNote for composing notes from any application

iPod synchronization so you can take your notes with you

Use FlashNote menu bar tool to search notes from other apps

Assign alarms to notes and review multiple alarms at once

Use MobileMe to sync your notes between your computers

Printing headers, footers, and note concatenation options

Author, manage, and publish notes to your blog

Track daily events, conversations, expenses, etc.

Spelling and grammar checking for perfect notes

Requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later

Snow Leopard compatible

Version 9.0.1

Improved window resizing in Widescreen mode so that Widescreen column doesn't change size

Improved database conversion wizard by properly quitting version 8 processes

Fixed problems with some menus that didn't show the currently selected Label

Fixed problem where sort order wasn't correctly restored in Widescreen mode on relaunch

Version 9

NEW! Added Tag Explorer

NEW! Added Widescreen View

NEW! Added bookmarklets for capturing information from web browsers

NEW! Added ability to edit external task attachments

NEW! Added geo-location support (syncs from NoteLife)

NEW! Added Web service support for geo-tagged notes to show human-readable location

NEW! Added Google map support for geo-tagged notes

NEW! Added ability to sync geo-tag information between computers

NEW! Added form definition label to Details sidebar

NEW! Added ability for non-administrators to make changes in Security preference pane

NEW! Added Action menu to DockNote to quit service and access preferences

NEW! Overhauled Accounts preference pane