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Download keygen for Mirage Systems Multimedia Protector Premium

Multimedia Protector

protects important documents, conference materials, e-learning software, company presentations, etc., against being copied and tampered with. Companies, for example, can safeguard conference materials against misuse, information designed for the sales force against disclosure and course and workshop contents against data theft.Multimedia Protector allows protecting Flash, PDF, PowerPoint, E-Book, Video, Images and EXE (applications). Every type of document, which can be printed with a printer driver, can be protected.

All files of a project (project with Images, Video, Audio and other files) are encrypted into one single database. At no time there is an access to the original file format like flash, PDF or EXE. Multimedia Protector comes with an own Player/Viewer which requires no installation on the end user PC. All type of media like CD/DVD, Download or USB stick is supported.

Multimedia Protector requires no programming. The number of files to protect is not limited and it is Royalty Free*.Multiple license and copy protection methods including evaluation options are available: * Content Protection

* Software Copy Protection

* USB stick protection

* Time limited evaluation versions

* Network licence per PC, per User or floating license

* Online Activation (also activation by E-Mail, Fax, Phone)

* Integration in e-commerce systems

* User interface in multiple languages

* Customers in over 40 countries

* Ready for Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)

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