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Download keygen for Windows 7 Enterprise-

Were based on the original images are provided not so long ago WZor_om, as well as Russian language and the local packages RTM to SP1. No tweaks, cut, cut-offs and additions are not done.

Assembly to raise funds, "System Image Manager Windows", no tweaks, cut, cut-offs and additions are not done. An exception is the small menu at the beginning of the installation.

The assembly fits on a standard 4Gb flash drive. When you transfer to the flash program was used UltraISO. The assembly is not activated. Used to activate the product key. If you do not own a key, look at the internet - there you can find a solution.

The assembly was tested on real hardware: - Intel i7 860 / Asus P7P55D-E / 8 Gb Ram / GeForse GTX 460

- Intel i3 550 / Asus P7P55D / 4 Gb Ram / GeForse GTX 460

OS: *86+*64

Language: English, Russian

Crack: Present

Size: 3.69 Gb