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Download keygen for Windows 7 OEM Recovery Partition Tools Creator 2.0.7

Create a recovery partition to allow easy and fast recovery to a working state of Windows 7.

This is similar to the OEM recovery option used on brand name computers like DELL, HP or Compaq.

This IS NOT a backup software. It should NOT be used to backup a full install of Windows 7 with your personnal files.

Target audience

OEM system manufacturer

Power user

Home technician that is bothered to always reinstall windows of friend's/familly computer


When burning to DVD, you must close the window to burn the next disk.

Required at least 3 partitions. More details in the instruction document.


Create a complete image of the Windows installation

Perform a non-destructive reinstall

Perform a destructive reinstall

Repair/Rewrite boot sector

Offline file browsing

Easy to add Sata/Raid/Netword drivers in the tool

Media creator to create a DVD recovery set or a USB recovery media

Password protect the recovery tool to prevent user to access/reformat/reinstall

Nice GUI, no command prompt (except during installation)

French, English, Danish, Swedish, Italian, German, Chinese, Romanian language included!

Source code included for nearly everything

Based on CMD scripts with AUTOIT gui

Works for 32 and 64 bits version

ImageX included, so you don't have to DL WAIK just for it

Instructions included

Script to SYSPREP the computer included (generalize or not, keep drivers or not, rearm or not)

Option to create a Generic image file (please read instruction to have more details)

What's new in 2.0.7: - New Wallpaper

- Progress indicator while capturing/applying image