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Download keygen for Audio Ease Snapper 2.0.3

Audio Ease Snapper v2.0.3 MAC OSX-UNION

Snapper works with your Mac like a dream! Whenever you select any of your audio files in the Mac Finder, Snapper appears immediately right beneath that window, showing you the wave form and giving you a host of options right then and there. You can quickly preview the file, upload it to your Pro Tools session, or convert it to another file format as easily as dragging-and-dropping. Opening over 50 sound file formats, Snapper will quickly become your go-to solution for audio previewing and file conversions * it*s so useful you*ll hardly remember what your Mac was like without it.

What*s New: * Much improved integration with Snow Leopard.

* Spot-to-cursor of Nuendo, Cubase, Logic and ProTools

* Drag selections anywhere, into tracks or even iChat

* Even smaller cpu footprint

* Waveforms that look better and appear and scroll quicker

* Loop playback

* 64 bit file support

* Trim tool, fades and normalizing

* Varispeed playback without pitch shift

* Recent files tab

* Meters

* And dozens of other features you have asked for

Size: 8.06 MB