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Download keygen for Camel Audio Cinematic Atmospheres For Camel Audio Alchemy

Cinematic Atmospheres will help you set the scene perfectly, from tears of joy to an appointment with fear. Capturing the drama of a frozen moment, or telling a story through the passage of time, this 75 preset compact sound library offers a palette of warm, relaxing washes, delicate soundscapes, through uplifting dramatic surges, to atmospheres of bleak isolation and layers so dark and tense you could cut them with a knife.

Featuring a comprehensive palette of soundscapes, pads, and sound effects, plus carefully selected cinematic string textures, loops and vocal performances, each preset also offers a wide range of variations for more expressive performance possibilities. Cinematic Atmospheres also includes 120MB of new samples such as digital pads, dark drones, treated guitar, creepy waterphone loops, bowed cymbals, plus atmospheric special effects.

Number of Sounds: 75 (600 Variations)

Sound Categories: 38 Soundscapes, 16 Pads, 9 Sound Effects, 6 Strings, 3 Vocals, 3 Loops

Genres: Soundtrack, Electronica, Ambient, Industrial

Sound Designers: Andre Ettema, Yuroun, biomechanoid, patchen preston, Ian Boddy, Himalaya, Martin Walker