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Download keygen for ProjectSam Symphobia KONTAKT with UPDATE 1.1

SYMPHOBIA is everything you have been missing in your orchestral palette: immersive ENSEMBLE MULTI-SAMPLES attained by true ensemble recordings and intense CINEMATIC EFFECTS. All available in a rich selection of combinations and articulations. With SYMPHOBIA, you have at your disposal the most inspiring orchestral tool for scoring film, games and television.


* Live recordings of orchestral full-ensemble multi-samples

* Vast library of orchestral clusters, rips and other instantly inspiring effects

* Covering strings, all-new brass, woodwinds and much more

* Lots of additional content including Dystopia II and ethnic flute phrases

* Two concert hall mic positions: Concert Stage and Close mic

* Orchestral sections recorded as full-range ensembles, pre-seated on the stage

* On-screen ADSR, simulated legato, octaver and other scripted controls

* 19 GB library pool in 44.1 kHz 24-bit

* NI Kontakt Player 3.5 included

ProjectSam Symphobia KONTAKT 1.1 UPDATE

In order to correctly update Symphobia to 1.2 you need to install update 1.1 first (if you dont have it) and when its done you can update to 1.2.

Originally update 1.1 was released as .exe installer and cant be installed on mac, so I extracted the content on pc and repacked with winrar. To install update 1.1 copy all files/folders to your Symphobia installation directory.

New content in 1.1

New articulation: fast attack ensemble strings mf/ff (modwheel control)

New articulation: brass chords without tuba/bass note (modwheel control)

New effect: string ensemble very slow glissandi

New effect: string + brass ensemble dark textures

New effect: string + brass ensemble trill crescendo

New effect: string + brass ensemble trill marcato

20 New Multis added, now 40 Multis in total

Improvement and Additions in 1.1

Color code added to interface to quickly identify section

Expression (CC11) control added to all programs

ADSR control page added to interface

Keyswitches moved upwards to fit within 88-note keyboard range (C6 and up)

Improved round robin behavior: now functions properly regardless of amount of notes pressed in chord

Smoother Modwheel (DYN) patches throughout library

Modwheel switch programs (MOD) added as alternative to Keyswitching

Improved tuning in vibrato woodwind ensemble

Tighter attacks for various articulations, including string staccato/spiccato

Bug fixes in 1.1

Kontakt 3-specific: release triggers now function properly

Kontakt 3-specific: vibrato woodwind sustains now playback correctly on PPC

Kontakt 3-specific: Dystopia II patches now sound correctly

Solo string ensemble round robin gaps fixed

Various acoustic artifacts removed from samples

Various other programming bugs fixed


It`s update for symphonic library ProjectSam Symphobia. To install just copy all files to your Symphobia installation place.

New content in 1.2

String ensemble tremolo 3-layer DYN (p / mf / ff)

Brass ensemble fast attack sustain 2-layer DYN (mp / f)

Uilleann pipe phrases

Low whistle phrases

15 new multis added, now 55 multis in total

Improvements & Changes in 1.2

Revised audio pool for String Ens sustain patches

Improved tightness of Brass Ens Staccato SH and String Ens Staccato SH patches

Expression (CC11) control now also available for DYN patches

Much smoother Modwheel (DYN) patches throughout library using larger lag values

Improved filter cut off response

Symphobia 1.1 bonus content moved into main library structure

Multis are now categorized in folders

Clearer naming for the short (SH) and stacked (ST) instruments

Patches in Kontakt 4.1 format for background loading compatibility. Kontakt 3.5 legacy versions are included.

Bug fixes in 1.2

Kontakt 4-specific compatibility issues fixed

Various acoustic artifacts removed from samples

Various loop points fixed

Various filter curves fixed

Various sample start offsets fixed