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Aspire v3

includes major new functionality and extensive enhancements in every area of the CNC design, modeling and machining process. With more than 30 hours of video tutorials included as standard, to take you step-by-step from first principles to advanced techniques * CNC modeling and machining has never been more accessible.

Aspire's custom built CNC modeling engine has undergone a dramatic transformation. Its unique 3D Component modeling process is now even simpler, while continuing to extend the power and range of what is already one of the most powerful CNC modeling toolsets in the industry.

Improving the efficiency of Toolpath creation and management has been a key focus during Aspire v3's development. Toolpath templates now allow you to store and re-use common toolpath strategy settings * using the new intelligent geometry filter even allows you to apply your template to completely new designs with a single mouse click.

With the new Toolpath tiling option you can easily split large jobs into smaller independent toolpath 'tiles' to cut on smaller machines.

Organization of your tools now benefits from a fully hierarchical database. You can simply drag similar tools together to form groups, export or import them as sets, and add your own notes to each item. The tool's position in the database is stored with any toolpath you create with it, so you can quickly verify later which tool was used.