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Download keygen for Cinesamples Drums of War 2

Drums of War 2 is the newest member to the cinesamples percussion family, and its parents are beaming. Following in the scope of the original Drums of War this new volume takes a different approach to achieving massive-percussive impact. Whereas the paramount concept of DOW 1 was recording huge orchestral drums in a huge space this time we used specific instrumentation/production techniques to achieve our result. DOW 2 contains entirely new sample content and entirely new instruments * those which we have never sampled before. The foundation of this library being the mighty taikos.

The hallmark of this library lies within the recordings. DOW 2 utilizes a combination close/stage mix with wonderfully rich character * a driving, powerful tone. If you could use one word to describe this sound it would most certainly be *tight*. But the real magic lies in whats going on in the stereo field. DOW 2 uses double, triple, and quadruple tracking * mapped down to one sample and therefore one key * allowing you to trigger this labor intensive studio-process which a single keystroke. Aside from being an ultimate timesaver, its also like having a renowned professional percussionist and mixer sitting in on your track. Each sample contains that delightful mini-flamming (without phasing) from the percussionist and that ultra-balanced wide panorama from the mixer. If you like to construct your own layers we*ve made the solo patches available too.

DOW 2 requires the full version of Kontakt 3.5 or 4+ and comes with the following patches.

* Chang Chang

* Djun Djuns*

* Doumbek

* Frame Drums*

* Gong

* Hang Drum

* Kissing Fish Shaker

* Metals

* Mixing Bells

* Mondo Toms*

* One Shot Shaker

* Shime Daikos*

* Sub Boom

* Tabla

* Taikos*