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Download keygen for Danware NetOp School Teacher Student 6.12.2010216

Danware NetOp School Teacher/Student v6.12.2010216 | 26 & 13 Mb

Netop School6

is the premier solution for computerized teaching from Netop, the world*s leading provider of classroom management software. Designed for educators who teach in networked classrooms or computer labs, Netop School6 incorporates powerful tools for preparation, instruction and evaluation in one complete solution. Share your computer screen with the class, supervise student computer work, lend a hand when needed, control application and internet use, distribute and collect documents, create tests and evaluate student progress. Only Netop School6 offers this complete, feature-rich set of tools in an intuitive new interface that is fully customizable to streamline your teaching process.

Prepare for class, teach your students and evaluate their work with Netop School6, the premier classroom management solution for today's networked classrooms and computer labs.

Present lessons dynamically

Demonstrate directly on student computer screens using Netop School's advanced screen sharing technology with multimedia broadcasting that enables you to share both audio and video.

Supervise student computing

Observe student computer work, monitor progress, and intervene to lend a hand. Netop's screen monitoring and remote control features help you guide student learning.

Prepare lessons at home

Streamline teaching with advanced lesson planning features. Only Netop School lets you carry the teacher program home on a USB stick to prepare lessons and tests at your convenience.

Control Internet & applications

Policy features let teachers determine which web sites and applications students can access at any given time. Netop School's secure design ensures that students can't circumvent teacher controls.

Promote collaborative learning

Netop School's pass the chalk, interactive chat, many-to-many audio support, and workgroup features provide a superior environment for collaborative learning.

Evaluate and reinforce progress

Integrated evaluation features let you create and administer tests that grade students in real-time. Identify learning gaps and record lessons to repeat and reinforce concepts.