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Download keygen for Paragon Backup and Recovery 10 Suite

Our Backup & Recovery 10 Suite is a disaster recovery and system migration solution for home Windows* environments, both physical and virtual. Positioned as a successor to the Drive Backup 9 consumer*s line, it offers two backup approaches, the time-proven Drive Backup*, characterized by rich functionality and excellent flexibility and the brand new System Backup*, based on simplicity and minimal user participation. P2V and P2P operations are supported by Virtual Image Management* and the updated Adaptive Restore* - implements the latest trends in the system migration, protection, and evaluation.

Paragon*s Backup & Recovery 10 Suite is the dynamic result of 15 years of leadership in backup technology development. Our product unites two new technologies with two basic principles: Our products must be: - Easy to use - our newest System Backup series is guaranteed to be the most user friendly software available today

- Sophisticated when you need it * our optimized Drive Backup Technology for more complex backup strategies is highly developed and quickly accessible

Backup - Key Features

- Advanced Drive Backup 10 Pro technology

- Out-of-box automated system backup

- Any backup destination

- Comprehensive Imaging for Win2K+ systems

- Smart Backup Wizard

Not only is our Backup & Recovery 10 Suite incredibly easy to use, the flexibility found in our new Drive Backup technology will make Paragon your solution of choice for migration and virtualization. By transferring clones of your physical systems to different hardware or virtual environments, system migrations become seamless and headache free.

Migration and Virtualization - Key Features

- Easy system migration to a different or dissimilar physical or virtual environment

- Online processing of locked (in-use) hard disks

- Support for all popular virtual machines

- Adjusts OS automatically

- Smart Driver Injection

Backup & Recovery 10 Suite is the highly successful result of our ambitious goal to carefully develop a product that ensures operating systems and data are available and functional no matter what happens. To meet this goal we*ve added several state-of-the-art features for system recovery. One clear example is our WinPE recovery CD that immediately repairs corrupted start-up routines if your system fails to boot. Even more impressive - if your hardware fails completely, Backup & Recovery adapts a Backup Image to a completely different computer and keeps you in the game.

Recovery - Key Features

- Brand new Virtualization Manager*

- Selective Restore of the data you need

- Boot Corrector