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Download keygen for Infragistics NetAdvantage for WPF 2010

The release of Microsoft* Office* 2010

elevates user expectations of your WPF line of business applications, but we deliver what you need with Office* 2010 styling and scheduling, ExcelML file support, and more! State-of-the-art functionality and blazing fast, high performance in our xamDataGrid* empower your WPF applications to handle real-time scenarios and those with massive amounts of data. Your applications will start well ahead of the competition with NetAdvantage* for WPF Line of Business controls.

Built on our Unified XAML Product Strategy (a shared API across WPF and Silverlight that will help you go-to-market with lightning speed), we've recently introduced xamDataTree* for data binding to large hierarchical data sources and a full-featured, Outlook* 2010-style scheduling control suite in xamSchedule*. Whether you need to data bind millions of records with the rendering speed to show the first screen in milliseconds, or the stunning visual effects and support for WPF 4 and its Visual State Manager, our WPF controls take care of presenting your information with power, clarity, and motion.