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Download keygen for Mindjet MindManager 8.0.201

MindManager 8 for Mac is a visual productivity tool that enables you to organize, manage, and communicate ideas and information to solve problems, drive innovation, and make consistent progress toward your goals. Use it to create interactive diagrams called mind maps that start with a central theme, then add branches with different ideas, notes, images, tasks*even hyperlinks and attachments. Youll have all the information you need at your fingertips without being overwhelmed, so you can see the big picture as well as the details.

Keep Your Projects Clearly Defined: Clarify thinking by easily capturing ideas, drawing connections and reordering content.

Make Consistent Progress Toward Your Goals: Turn ideas into action. Develop more realistic plans and schedules by mapping out tasks and resource assignments.

Communicate Ideas More Effectively: Improve communications across teams by publishing maps in the most widely used formats.

Whats New: Integration with Desktop Productivity Software

Import from Microsoft* Word, and Apple* Pages*. Export to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint*, Apple iWork Pages, Keynote*, OPML, text outline, HTML, JPG, PNG or TIFF formats.

Share Your Maps

Share your ideas and plans with your entire network. Email a link to your map, post it on your blog or share it with your Facebook*, LinkedIn*, or Twitter* networks. Recipients can either view your map in a browser, or copy it for their own use, if you choose. With Mindjet Player, share your maps with everyone in dynamic Adobe* PDF or Adobe Flash* formats.

Calendar Integration (iCal or Entourage)

Create or import existing events or to-do items directly from MindManager. Any changes made in either iCal, Entourage*, or your map will remain synchronized. MindManagers Smart Calendar Topics always provide the most up-to-date view of your events or to-dos.

Built-in Web Browser

Stay focused. View web pages, search results, or applications such as Google* Docs directly within MindManager.

Project Management

Define your goals, objectives, and scope by using MindManagers task information, resource assignment, and prioritization. With Mac OS X Address Book integration, you can select groups or individuals and insert them into your map as the current list of resources.

iChat Integration

Send or receive maps during a chat session.

Gestures and Magic Mouse Support

Leverage the usability of the standard Apple gestures on MacBook* trackpads. Trigger operations quickly with gestures like "pinch", "two-finger swipes", "three finger swipes", etc.

System requirements: Mac Platform: Intel

OS version: 10.5 and 10.6

Important Note: For a complete registration, disconnect from internet (..its mandatory!!), go to "About Mindjet MindManager" and choose "License*", click "Ok" and it will open a window for register, click here and it will launch Safari to a blank registration page as you are disconnect from internet (arent you?). Quit MindManager and next time you are fully registered.