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Download keygen for Precisionsound Bolivian Panpipe Carina Accordion

Precisionsound Bolivian Panpipe/Carina Accordion MULTiFORMAT SCD-SPiRiT | 446MB

Precisionsound is an independent soundware company based in Rimbo, north of Stockholm, Sweden. Our focus is on high quality sound samples for music production and sound effects for the multimedia/movie industry. Our goal is to put together top notch libraries for virtual samplers. We collaborate with professional sound designers and music producers to design soundware that works in a musical context. Precisionsound dare to put efforts into small niche products as well as broader commercial products.

Bolivian Panpipe for HALion, Kontakt & SoundFont

All samples have been seamlessly looped and contain lots of velocity layers for a natural sound. The total amount of individual samples is 245.

The SampleSet contains: 1 24bit HALion / Kontakt program.

1 16bit SoundFont program.

Carina Accordion

Carina Accordion is a Multisampled Swedish Hagström Accordion with 7 registers and a separate noise program. All registers has been sampled with belly in/out for all notes and with release samples. The library contains in total 666 24bit WAV files and 9 different programs.

One program is a Key Switch multi program (HALion2, Kontakt & Gigasampler only) so you have instant access to all registers and noises from C5-C6 on your keyboard.


FORMAT.......: iSO

RLS DATE.....: 30.01.2010

Install Note: 1. Unpack

2. Burn or Mount

3. Use