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Download keygen for Genuitec MyEclipse for Spring 8.5

Genuitec MyEclipse for Spring v8.5 Windows/MacOSX/Linux

Windows: 920.6MB | MacOSX: 814.8MB | Linux x86: 911.6MB | Linux x64: 905.7MB

MyEclipse for Spring includes an advanced set of capabilities for developers focused on Spring development, including Spring MVC scaffolding, project bootstrapping, advanced Spring development editors and easy wizard flows that make even the most complex Spring tasks a breeze.

We believe there are thousands of reasons to use MyEclipse - probably as many reasons as there are MyEclipse subscribers. But, we figure you only care about the reasons that will help you. Here is a list of eleven reasons MyEclipse can help you.

1. Complete Solution.

MyEclipse is the most comprehensive Java EE / J2EE IDE for the open source Eclipse platform, period. Over 300,000 man hours have gone into MyEclipse, ensuring both depth and breadth of features.

2. Big Bang for Your Buck.

At $29.95 for the Standard Edition and $59.95 for the Professional Edition, MyEclipse is inexpensive and pays for itself in 15 minutes of use. When you purchase a MyEclipse subscription, you get thousands of dollars of software for less than $60 a year. How? The proprietary software in MyEclipse, including visual designers, reporting solutions and integration innovations would add up individually to a huge price tag.

3. Open Standards.

MyEclipse incorporates todays most innovative open-standard technologies to provide a development environment for J2EE WEB, XML, UML and databases and a wide array of application server connectors to streamline development, deployment, testing and portability.

4. Always Improving.

MyEclipse gets better with each release. And the best part is that with your paid subscription, you have access to all the improvements we make at no additional cost. With up to six commercial releases every year, theres no wait for years between feature updates like some other IDEs.

5. Have it Your Way.

Each of our subscribers is unique. So, MyEclipse offers the flexibility to select the technology you need at each application tier, choose optional technology bundles, "turn off" capabilities not needed, access Velocity templates for code generation and add third-party commercial and OSS tools to enhance your development experience. Coming soon, youll have even more ability to manage MyEclipse and Eclipse add-ons intuitively from the IDE to be sure you get the most bang from your system.

6. Peace of Mind.

With MyEclipse, you dont have to roll your own IDE or spend valuable time debugging your environment. With your subscription, you gain the ability to focus on your work knowing that each MyEclipse release is tried and tested by a million users around the globe.

7. Increased Developer Productivity.

MyEclipse continually improves your Eclipse experience by delivering a Java EE/J2EE, database, RAD, UML, POJOs, Web 2.0/AJAX, and rich-client development environment. We also bundle an embedded Tomcat server, giving you your own sandbox.

8. Works in your environment.

MyEclipse is certified on Windows, Linux, and Apples OS X platforms. Also, MyEclipse is middleware agnostic, with support for more than 30 application servers and 30 database systems.

9. Grows with you.

MyEclipses parent company, Genuitec, has been in the technology space since 1997, so we know all about growing pains. Thats why MyEclipse is optimized to provide effective tools for every size of development project, in every size of organization - from a company of one to the largest multi-national firms.

10. Complete documentation and support.

With your subscription, you have access to free online support (recognized by many customers as the best in the industry), forums and FAQs in addition to a comprehensive library of educational materials that include demos, tutorials, and user-contributed information.

Install Notes

1. Unpack & Burn/Mount

2. Install - KeyMaker usage: java -jar d-MyEclipse-KeyMaker.jar