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Download keygen for Readiris Pro 11

Readiris Pro 11 Build 4787 Middle-East Corporate Edition | 104MB

Readiris Pro 11 Middle-East Corporate Edition is the best Arabic, Farsi, English and Hebrew OCR in the world! With this professional OCR Software, you will never re-type your texts again!
This unique feature works with:
• Arabic
• Farsi
• English
• Hebrew
and 120 other foreign languages

Corporate Edition specific features:
• Advanced PDF Generation
Exceptional tools allow you to create PDFs with optimized file size:
• Digital signature of your PDF
• Generate the PDF type that best suits your needs: image over text, text over image, text or image only
• Optimize the PDF size: reduce the image resolution or the JPEG file quality. Or save your PDF using JPEG 2000 compression format to get the smallest file size. Perfect for archiving and sharing!
• Directly create a PDF without recognizing the scanned document with the edit . Save full page as image??? function
• Easy Separation of Batches into Several Documents
When scanning batches, insert a blank page between your different documents. Readiris separates them, recognizes and saves them into a different output file. Or simply right-click a page to transform it in a cover page and to manually separate your scanned documents.
• Powerful Indexing Based on Bar Code Reading
Separate your documents by blank pages followed by a page containing bar codes. More than 20 types of bar codes are automatically recognized (even the PDF 417 barcode) and the embedded information is saved in an XML index.